Swiss business leaders visit StarLabs and Digital School

June 23, 2023

A distinguished delegation of Swiss business executives, including Avni Orllati, CEO of Groupe Orllati, Sebastien Lamuniere, CEO of Edipresse Groupe SA, Pierre Lamuniere, CEO of Lamuniere Holding SA, Jean-Marc Probst, Head of Probst Group Holding SA, and Pierre-Marcel Favre from Editions Favre, recently visited StarLabs and Digital School.

Hana Qerimi and Darsej Rizaj, the co-founders of both big companies, shared their inspiring journey with the distinguished guests during the visit, which turned out to be an enriching experience. The discussion confirmed their dedication to offering programming classes, establishing job possibilities, and investigating how Artificial Intelligence could affect every part of life and the business environment.

The founders of StarLabs and Digital School expressed their unwavering dedication to teaching young minds in programming.

During the discussions, Hana Qerimi and Darsej Rizaj shared a strong belief in the ability of technology and education to revolutionize the job market during the discussions. They intend to close the talent and industry demand gap by providing people with knowledge of programming.

Digital School and StarLabs aim to develop a new generation of tech experts who can make significant contributions to the workforce, supporting innovation and development. They also highlighted their dedication to promoting professional growth and helping emerging technologists by serving as mentors and guides.

The meeting focused on the profound effects of this revolutionary technology as the globe continues to experience tremendous developments in AI. Delegates participated in engaging talks where they shared their points of view on how AI is transforming different areas of life and the industry. The sharing of views not only helped in a deeper comprehension of the possible advantages and difficulties brought on by AI, but it also emphasized the significance of responsible and ethical advancement in this area.

The visit of the Swiss business leaders to StarLabs and Digital School was a momentous occasion, marked by inspiring presentations and insightful discussions. The co-founders remarkable journey, dedication to training new technology professionals, and exploration of AI’s impact served as catalysts for reflection and motivation.



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